There’s A Movie About A Dude Who Tried To Kill Hitler ’13 Minutes’ (Trailer.)

It seems acclaimed director Oliver Hirschbiegel of ‘Downfall’ fame, the historical drama about the last days of Hitler. Mr.Hirschbiegel is making his return to the WWII setting, in his upcoming Hitler Assassination Thriller ’13 Minutes.’ The film tells the true story of George Elser, played by “The White Ribbon” star Christian Friedel, […]


Comedians Brett Elam And Josh Logan Take On The World in “Old Town”

The dream team is back, as Chicago-based comedians, writers, and improv legends Brett Elam and Joshua Logan have brought their talents together to create an amazing television pilot entitled “Old Town.” The series follows two Chicago cops, two homeless teens, and two alcoholic women as they navigate some of Chicago’s oldest neighborhood.  Darkly […]