Chance the Rapper Eludes To New Project (DETAILS.)

Chance the Rapper Eludes To New Project (DETAILS.)

Chicago rapper Chance The Rapper has had an absolutely wonderful 2013 and I honestly think it’s a strong argument he, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis could have a tie for ‘rookies of the year’ and no one would argue. With Acid Raps doing absolute gangbusters for his career he set forth on his first headlining tour...
Sin City "A Dame to Die For" Teaser Artwork

Sin City “A Dame to Die For” Teaser Artwork

It is official, the first teaser poster for Sin City has arrived for second entry in to the epic”Sin City” series, the original is based on Frank Miller’s phenomenal graphic novel series. However, with a recent visit to American Film Market a title change was suggested for” A Dame to Die For” to set it’s marketing efforts apart....
Maryland's GRAM FAM Debuts Two New Tracks From rMell & Miles Meraki

Maryland’s GRAM FAM Debuts Two New Tracks From rMell & Miles Meraki

Those Maryland artists coming out of collective Grammy Family are true visionaries. Any true fan of their music one knows you must have to maintain patience, but whenever new music debuts it’s well worth the wait. There’s a certain level of greatness that goes into each of their curated releases that’s truly special, and is...
LIZ - All Them Boys

LIZ – All Them Boys

Label Mad Decent’s LIZ, solidifies her lane as a burgeoning pop force to be reckoned with on latest offering “All Them Boys” this is just a preview of her upcoming EP dropping in 2014. Liz’s sweet vocals shine through on this tender yet aggressive instrumental helmed by producers Mr. Carmack & Colta, complimented with her intrinsic lyrics,...
Akilah Hughes' Bakes Cookies Cause It's Xmas & We Know You're Lonely (SKIT.)

Akilah Hughes’ Bakes Cookies Cause It’s Xmas & We Know You’re Lonely (SKIT.)

Comedienne/Writer Akilah Hughes is going through what one might call, a bitter break up, but there’s an old saying for that ‘When in doubt. Cook it out!’ (*honestly not sure that’s a real saying, but it’s definitely applies for this video.) Akilah gives us the recipe for temporarily mending a broken heart, cats, revenge & XMAS...
Ben Schwartz Shines In New Short 'I’m a Mitzvah'  (TRAILER.)

Ben Schwartz Shines In New Short ‘I’m a Mitzvah’ (TRAILER.)

To state that we’re excited for Sundance 2014, would be an utter understatement, we know with Sundance comes cold ass weather, movie stars churning out experimental films and indie flicks. A short we’re stoked to see at this upcoming Sundance will be short film “I’m a Mitzvah” the short was written by Ben Berman and Josh...
Arctic Monkeys Come Back To Let Us Know "You’re So Dark"

Arctic Monkeys Come Back To Let Us Know “You’re So Dark”

Arctic Monkeys are back with a new striking tune, titled “You’re So Dark.” The official track will be released as a 7″ single on December 10th, as of now enjoy the youtube stream below.
Vic Mensa Ft. Chance the Rapper - Suitcase

Vic Mensa Ft. Chance the Rapper – Suitcase

Chi-town’s hottest exports from Chicago Vic Mensa & Chance the Rapper went super saiyan on the track “Suitcase.” Producer Cam Osteen is the man behind Lil Wayne and Chance’s “You Song,” Mensa’s “Orange Soda,”) stream/download below.
Lana Del Rey’s ‘Tropico’ (SHORT FILM.)

Lana Del Rey’s ‘Tropico’ (SHORT FILM.)

Lana Del Rey has unveiled a short film “Tropico”, an epic tale based on the biblical story of sin and redemption, directed by Anthony Mandler. The 27-minute short has the heart-breaker playing a modern-day Eve with co star & model Shaun Ross. Featured through the short are three of Del Rey’s songs: “Body Electric,” “Gods...
Daft Punk Ft. Julian Casablancas - Instant Crush (MUSIC VIDEO.)

Daft Punk Ft. Julian Casablancas – Instant Crush (MUSIC VIDEO.)

Yet another visual from Daft Punk‘s Random Access Memories finds its way becoming one of the more experimental videos in their catalog This video weaves the tale of two museum statues who fall smitten with each other in ‘Instant Crush’. Personally I’ve never been a fan of statues, mannequins, gargoyles or pretty much any object...
300 Rise of An Empire (TRAILER #2)

300 Rise of An Empire (TRAILER #2)

Heads will roll in the second official trailer for 300: Rise Of An Empire, this  go around we find ourselves dealing with the fall out from that took place during the epic film 300. The Persians under Xerxes rule are trying to invade and the Greek general Themistocles has to protect his new begotten empire. The...
Seinabo Sey - Younger

Seinabo Sey – Younger

We’re pleased to bring you a different kind of music with Swedish vocal talent Seinabo Sey, she’s a different kind of artist who’s bringing real lyrics and lacing them over electronic production. The results is the phenomenal debut ‘Younger’ which simply states: “THERE’S A WAY TO BE YOURSELF / THERE’S A WAY TO CATCH YOUR DREAMS...