Loc Soprano – MMB

Lochnes debuts his new sound and alias Loc Sorprano for BBM, his love letter to weed, liquor, fast money, and Dominican women! He lives what he raps as he was recently bagged by narcs right before the debut of his new music video. #FREELOC Let’s get […]

Big Sean – Paradise (MUSIC VIDEO.)

Big Sean brings in the MIGO’s flow and snaps over this WiLL Made-It banger, “Paradise.” He flexes his verbal muscles stating that everything he ever wanted (i.e.: women & that sweet ass RED LAMBO) he materialized through his words and actions. That’s some deep stuff […]

Matt McGhee – Pleasantville 2

Matt McGhee drops some of the hardest rhymes and most introspective lyrics analyzing his place in the “game” of not only music, but in life as well. Rappers Cal Rips & Knight grace the track  lending their own perspective over production by Matt McGhee & Obii Say.

Naomi Pilgrim – It’s All Good

New Naomi has that same signature head nodding sound to it, as Naomi Pilgrim debuts her latest offering “It’s All Good.” The single showcases her witty lyricism which is laid over a thumping beat, which culminate in a rare gem not heard recent in the […]

G4shi – 4Play (MIXTAPE.)

Albanian rapper G4shi (pronounced GESHI) releases the autobiographical free album 4Play, a project you can tell this young lyricist has been cooking up for a while. You hear the hard work from the opener “October 4th” it holds you without letting up on the gas until […]

A$AP Rocky – Multiply

A$AP ROCKY makes it loud and clear that FLACKO JODYE SEASON is here, and he’s not taking any prisoners. After a long drought of that PMF, he’s back with MULTIPLY a song that states he hasn’t been given his just due, going so far as to […]

Childish Gambino – STN MTN / Kauai (MIXTAPE.)

And just like that Gambino blesses us with a new mixtape to ride to, collabing with DJ DRAMA to create an installment in his legendary Gangsta Grillz mixtape series. This project consists of 18 all-new recordings, put into two parts, respectively titled STN MTN and Kauai, […]

Nickelus F. – Obnoxious

Some new heat entitled “Obnoxious” from Canada’s own Nickelus F, has him channeling his inner Future as he auto-tune’s, and croons over a really catchy beat by Cashby, stream below.