Alistair Overeem Heavyweight Shot–Sliming

Today, The Nevada State Athletic Commission reported  Heavyweight Contender, Alistair Overeem, failed his pre-drug test . Overeem’s level was reported at 10.1 with the limit level being 6.1. Overeem tested positive for increased levels of testosterone. An upcoming fight against Heavyweight Champion Junior Dos Santos at UFC 146  for the […]

New York Jets Premiere 2012 Uniforms.

The New York Jets premiered their new 2012 uniforms today, designed by Nike since they acquired the contract from underneath REEBOK this year. Nike is steadfastly going into production and are showing off their sleek designs for the teams. Below are the designs you’ll be seeing on the […]

Matt Kemp Covers “FORBES”

Matt Kemp landed the massive 160 Miillion dollar deal with the almost bankrupt Dodgers last year. This year he covers Forbes and in the latest issue of Forbes, Kemp’s featured article breaks down the play-by-play of Matt’s success: “…So marquee players, the kind that a team can […]

The Draft: An Impending Change for MMA

America has made the art of finding the athlete a science, and that science, in my prediction, will manifest itself in the MMA through the form of a draft. What am I talking about? Remember now, this is only my gut feeling, but do understand […]


Ray Lewis shows his skill in public speaking, and how he is able to rile up athletes to do something truly great — WIN! Lewis showed off his ability to on Tuesday evening when he delivered a pregame locker room speech to Stanford’s basketball team in […]

New York Jets Welcome Tim Tebow.

The New York Jets held a press conference this morning to announce that “Tebowmania” would be moving to New York. With the team stating that Tim Tebow would be back-up quarterback for last seasons’ underwhelming Mark Sanchez.  Tim wanted to let it be known that […]

Don’t leave it to the Judges.

Ask any fans what they are looking for in a fight, and you’ll be hard pressed to hear anyone say ‘a decision’. Submissions  and knockouts have become a guilty pleasure of todays’ society. The people want blood and a clear victor.  In recent match ups, […]

Rematch is SUCH a dirty word.

If you ask me what the dirtiest word in MMA is I would have to say ‘rematch’.At least if you’re talking about Frankie ‘ The Sequel’ Edgar. Just kidding, but Frankie does give everyone a second shot which is cool, but this is definitely one […]