Obamacare Upheld By High Court 5 – 4

Early Thursday morning, the Supreme Court upheld the individual requirement at the heart of President Obama’s healthcare overhaul. The law had been challenged based off a provision of the law that required all Americans must buy health insurance. The individual health insurance mandate is constitutional, […]

A Divorce Hotel? Its Time Has Come.

After watching a college friend go through a painful divorce, Jim Halfens came up with the idea for the Divorce Hotel. Halfens remembers the time well, “He was losing weight, he was unable to have fun in life anymore, and they were fighting everytime you […]

Pope Benedict XVI’s Butler Arrested.

The butler of Pope Benedict XVI, Paolo Gabriele, was arrested this week after allegedly leaking personal letters and confidential documents to an Italian journalist, the Vatican confirmed on Saturday. In a top-selling book, called Sua Santita (or His Holiness), confidential letters and memos to and […]

Al-Qaeda Double Agent.

American officials said on today, that the supposed bomber who had been plotting to blow up an American airliner with an underwear bomb, was said to be  a double agent.  The al-Qaeda terrorist group was infiltrated and the agent gathered highly sensitive information on its […]

NFL Star Junior Seau Dead at 43.

Former NFL star Junior Seau, 43, was found dead at his Oceanside, CA, home earlier today in an apparent suicide. Oceanside Police Chief Frank McCoy says Seau’s girlfriend reportedly found him unconscious with a gunshot wound to his chest.  McCoy says lifesaving efforts were unsuccessful. […]

LAX TSA Screeners Arrested in Trafficking Probe.

Earlier today, two former and two current Transportation Security Administration employees were charged with allegedly allowing large amounts of cocaine and other drugs to pass through X-ray machines at security checkpoints in exchange for cash, reported authorities. U.S. Attorney Andre Birotte Jr. said “The allegations […]