The Internet Debut ‘FEEL GOOD’ (Tracklist. + Artwork.)

After releasing the visuals for “Dontcha” a few days ago, The Internet made the song available for purchase on iTunes, as well as making the rest of Feel Good available to pre-order.  The Internet have set the music world ablaze this past week with their smooth-as-silk single ‘Dontcha’ available for purchase on […]

Ubisoft Strikes Deal for Film Adaptations

WATCH_DOGS is one of game publisher/developer Ubisoft’s newest IPs, and ever since its reveal during E3 2012 there has been nothing but hype surrounding any and every piece of news relating to it. The amount of excitement fans have expressed for its release seems to […]

“Next To Blow” – Mick Jenkins

PHOTOGRAPHY PROVIDED BY : 5LB MEDIA WORDS BY: JORDAN BAYLOR ‘I’m also learning to produce as well!’ were words spoken through the receiver by the always humble, and multifaceted Mick Jenkins, a young man out of the Windy City, and member of rap collective Free Nation. […]