Shaq Done Made A DAMN Soda Y’ALL (REVIEW.)

SIDE NOTE: Before you begin reading this article, we commissioned our very own BRANDON BAYLOR to review Arizona’s new beverage line of Shaq ‘cream soda’…Here’s the unedited results. Aye Yo, I have to start this by saying Shaquille O’Neal is quite possibly the most uniquely marketed athlete of all time blah, […]

OVEREEM! 14:1? No Problem!

In very recent headlines, Alistair Overeem has been the subject of the ever-growing controversy concerning Performance-Enhancing Drugs in combat sports. Alistair failed a recent surprise drug test administered by the Nevada State Athletic Commission and results revealed Alistair was quite a ‘questionable’ bit over the […]

Mark Hunt: Twitter Bomb Campaign.

For those of you who have wondered to yourselves,” how do I parlay this Twitter account into a title shot?” No worries,Mark Hunt fans have showed us how. Due to the resent upset over the Overeem testosterone test (that came back at 14:1, out of […]

How Clean Is Your GYM?

There are many components that a fighter of MMA must stay on top of to remain proficient, while continuing to be progressive in training. If you were to list all of them, none of them hold the weight and importance of health. There are countless […]

The Draft: An Impending Change for MMA

America has made the art of finding the athlete a science, and that science, in my prediction, will manifest itself in the MMA through the form of a draft. What am I talking about? Remember now, this is only my gut feeling, but do understand […]

Shelby Mustang – “See It To Believe It!”

“Shelby America” unveiled it’s long awaited update to the classic Ford Mustang Shelby line. The new Shelby 1000, boasts a powerful 950 horses, more than enough to keep any Mustang enthusiast busy rackin up speeding tickets. But for those of you not acquainted with these […]

Don’t leave it to the Judges.

Ask any fans what they are looking for in a fight, and you’ll be hard pressed to hear anyone say ‘a decision’. Submissions  and knockouts have become a guilty pleasure of todays’ society. The people want blood and a clear victor.  In recent match ups, […]

Rematch is SUCH a dirty word.

If you ask me what the dirtiest word in MMA is I would have to say ‘rematch’.At least if you’re talking about Frankie ‘ The Sequel’ Edgar. Just kidding, but Frankie does give everyone a second shot which is cool, but this is definitely one […]