Andre 3000’s Jumpsuits on Display at Art Museum

Andre 3000 Suits Art Museum - 2As I saw Outkast perform ‘Rosa Parks’ at Sasquatch my voice was hoarse, my leg was numb, and my ass was cold from sitting on wet grass 11pm at night. I didn’t care about any of it, I just wanted to hear my childhood hits, and as Andre 3 Stacks stepped up to the mic, he performed his ass off, all with a price tag on the right side of his jumpsuit. One side of it said ‘For Sale’ the other said “Sold” it was conscious art that I appreciated as I consumed his music. On his tour he wore a series of similar and thought provoking black jumpsuits with bite-sized statements in stark white lettering across the front.

Some bore political messages, (“across cultures, darker people suffer more. why?”), some were silly, (“fruit snack addict”) and some were a crossover (“art or fart?”). Overall, there are 47 jumpsuits in the collection that originally premiered at Art Basel in December under the title i feel ya.

The exhibit premieres this Friday, July 17 at the Savannah College of Art and Design in, check out some of them below.


Andre 3000 Suits Art Museum -1