Agenda Long Beach 2014 (RECAP.)

_1170730Agenda : One of the premiere trade shows in the world was held this past Thursday and Friday showcased the best in street wear fashion, kicks, accessories, and skateboarding. As a first time attendee, I didn’t quite know what to expect, but from following the #AGENDA2014 posts on Instagram I knew it was a place that’d give me an experience for sure. Whether it was walking the chatter filled showroom floor and bumping into the likes of Ben Baller, Paul Rodriguez, & 40 Oz Van, Agenda isn’t the place to NOT pay attention. Along with being a trade show Agenda has also become a  place that instills and encourages entrepreneurialism in the youth while at the same time showcasing the best and brightest in street wear fashion.

In all honesty, it felt like a place of familiarity if you’ve ever seen a Kanye West ‘YEEZUS’ show. You can just see Kanye’s phenomenal and ofttimes scary influence on the culture of street wear…My biggest disappointment was I didn’t see ONE PAIR OF RED OCTOBERS either days I was there 🙁

Most brands present were fashion forward in their thinking, while others stuck to the norm with cliche numbers on the back with a famous artists last name, and renaissance paintings on the front. Others with stripes, or some type of Upscale high end crack reference, (*Cough Cough PYREX.)

Below is my experience, interviews and encounters in what I’d like to aptly title it “Agenda 2014: CLICHE AS FUCK!”

_1170690There were a few brands that captured the hype of the trade-show, HUF being one of them being impressive with their behemoth of a booth which had an Internet Era twist of the LAST SUPPER depiction. In this rendition Jesus is taking a selfie on his cell phone while other disciples do blow, and make out with each other. HUF, you guys have been relegated to the top of Faux Society’s prayer list.

_1170671I caught up with two brands that were new comers to the Agenda show, JUST LIKE ME! Both were imports who were doing big things in their respective countries. The first, TURBOKOLOR out of Poland reminds you of mens’ workwear but with a street wear aesthetic. What drew me to their booth was the custom rustic colors and designs in the prints with each piece being extremely well tailored. I spoke with Jakub Detko, marketing director for the brand, who informed me artist and creative director for the brand Pawel Swanski custom designs each print before production.

They were there also at Agenda to premiere their new prototype skate shoe, a TURBOKOLOR x Echelon Lakai collab which was the talk of the show at the Drawing Theater during their launch party.


Jakub stated that the inspiration of the upcoming 2015 collection on display was inspired by “ Vintage workwear like Ben Davis, Carharrt, Union Wear’ basically gear that you go do heavy lifting in but had been repurposed for the skaters on the street, (*SEE BELOW.)

We stopped and got a sus’ ass massage from ‘LURK’s free Thai Massage booth, happy endings were implied, but none were given 🙁
Here's a lady picking up a PENTHOUSE magazine! Ahh Agenda giving out such good reading material.
Here’s a lady picking up a PENTHOUSE magazine! Ahh Agenda giving out such good reading material.

_1170643We stopped at Korean imports ‘Band Of Players’ and spoke with Joo who informed me of their dominance as a brand in Asia, as they showcased their upcoming 2015 collection.

_1170642The brand, making it’s first foray into the American markets came in with a bang showcasing their pieces being manufactured primarily in Korea with America and Korea coming together to open a free trade agreement is “Band of Players.” What sets them apart from most bag manufacturing companies are their distinct eye for detail and versatility amongst their collections. They hit many different looks, whether it was Cali beach chic, or New York board room purse style, check out the pieces below and swing by their online STORE.

_1170612 _1170607All in all, FS had a great time at Agenda and learned a lot about street wear fashion, this coming year though, brace yourselves because the Hypebeast/Kanye inspired pieces are here to stay.