An Intrinsic Conversation With ADillaTheGENIUS

Photography By Quynh-Le Nguyen

Amber Joseph aka ADillaTheGENIUS is a San Diego based creative, someone with whom I’ve had the opportunity to craft an editorial with. ADillaTheGENIUS is an original in every sense of the word creating art in many forms (photography, digital art, collage, etc.) I had the chance to chat with ADilla we spoke on her deep respect for art, process, and the inspiration behind her pieces. ADilla is a loner whom curates and protects her art as if her life is closely tied to it, it’s stimulating to find someone so entrenched in the art scene, peep our convo below.

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FS: What inspires your creative process?

AD: Creation itself really! My observation of a synthesis that appears never ending, and my sensitivity to it. It’s just unfolds before me so rapidly. Creation is an unstoppable force. It all leads to my being fascinated and curious about everything. Creations nature, function and it’s constant alchemy it’s sounds, tastes, smells, sights, movements, textures, colors. What life emotes is so bizarre for me that I couldn’t miss a thing even if I tried. It’s like…”Whoa! Did you see that?”,  “It’s was so unbelievable I can’t explain it” or “Did I see what I think I saw?”. Creation Is such an in your face process of manifestation. Creations ability is inspiration in all that I see that can never go unnoticed.

Suffer no more


FS: As a photographer, when you’re viewing subjects are you always looking for the perfect shot or angle?

AD: When viewing something, perfection and angles don’t come to mind. I’m in total observation, analysis and fascination. The camera allows me to capture and communicate what I can’t always give words to for self and others. It’s a way of becoming intimate with what I observe. If anything closeness is what I look for. A way to probe at the very thing I’m curious about.

Photography By Quynh-Le Nguyen


FS:  What do you think makes a memorable photograph?

AD: A photo that’s felt. Its speaks in words that don’t exist, yet you understand. If the photo moves you to feel and question. It’s a memorable one.



FS: You create and dabble in so many different forms of art (photography,art, etc.) what’s the core story you’re trying to convey through your creations?

AD: Expression of the things, and feelings that are hard for me to articulate in words. At times it’s best for me to be able to show verses telling. Ultimately conveying another vantage point of this experience is a way to open up a subject’s depth.

Photography By Quynh-Le Nguyen


FS: Who are your influences? 

AD: I admire many things, people, and places. I admire the people who don’t feel admired, and honestly aren’t seeking admiration. I’m influenced by those who have the courage to ‘Be’ despite opposition. Those who are tormented by the beauty and madness of this experience. Those who’s passions and contributions go unrecognized. There’s not a thing or anyone I’ve come into contact with that hasn’t had influence on my grow personally and as an artist.

FS:What do you want people to take away from your work?

AD: That you don’t have to make sense or be understood. All you have to is ‘Be’. That’s bold in itself.

FS: Any final words?

AD: Embrace your weirdness it’s your genius!