Month: October 2014


K1x X Patrick Mohr (KICKS.)

Footwear brand K1X and German designer Patrick Mohr have gon in the lab to to create the Mk5 Sneakers, crafted from premium tumbled and full grain leather, featuring three monochromatic colorways: white, black and red. The silhouette combines street-basketball culture and avant-garde fashion, resulting in a sophisticated and yet eye-catching unisex sneaker. Peep the […]


Loc Soprano – MMB

Lochnes debuts his new sound and alias Loc Sorprano for BBM, his love letter to weed, liquor, fast money, and Dominican women! He lives what he raps as he was recently bagged by narcs right before the debut of his new music video. #FREELOC Let’s get that trending people, music video […]