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BJ The Chicago Kid Releases Some "PERFECT" Heat!

BJ The Chicago Kid Releases Some “PERFECT” Heat!

Director JEROME D. helms the new visual for BJ’s latest single “Perfect” the empowering track that lets all the beautiful women among the world. The visual paints the picture clear, that women are just fine how they currently are! Don’t chase that ‘Vogue’ covergirl look, because she’s photoshopped and doesn’t look like THAT either!   ‘...
FS Chats With "Bros Before Hos" Series Creator Benjamin Cory Jones

FS Chats With “Bros Before Hos” Series Creator Benjamin Cory Jones

Faux Society caught up with television writer Benjamin Cory Jones & creator of “Bros Before Hos”, the new half hour comedy about three brothers striving to find love in the city of LA. At the beginning of the journey of getting the series to air, the pilot script written by Benjamin Jones received great feedback,...
Vic Mensa - Wimme Nah

Vic Mensa – Wimme Nah

Vic Mensa has been having a ridiculously busy 2014, he keeps up the hype dropping a new track “Wimmie Nah” produced by Kaytranada. He rides the fun beat well, his flow is so bouncy as it switches up at break-necking speeds, hit the play button below and bounce with me!
Guns In School Handled By Teachers in "NO CLASS" (SKETCH.)

Guns In School Handled By Teachers in “NO CLASS” (SKETCH.)

This is what happens when a pack of man-children who’ve become teachers, hang out! Hit the play button below and laugh at this first production from sketch team ADDults, ‘No Class’
Headtrip Short Film "Black Hole" Rupert Sanders (SHORT.)

Headtrip Short Film “Black Hole” Rupert Sanders (SHORT.)

“Black Hole” is a head trip of a short film I stumbled upon, a short about a man caught in a terrible situation, and an even weirder world. The first work from filmmaker Rupert Sanders (Snow White & The Huntsman) shows that the director has an eye for story, and visuals. “Black Hole” is based upon...
Doja Cat - Purrr! (EP STREAM.)

Doja Cat – Purrr! (EP STREAM.)

Mau Records signee, LA based singer/rapper Doja Cat releases her purrfect EP “Purrr!” and it’s catastic. The project showcases her range, and the spaceyness that can be found in her beats, and her delivery. Hit the play button, and catch standout tracks “So High” & “Beautiful” and scoop up a copy on iTunes today.
A Documentary About Larry Clark's Drama "KIDS" Being Made

A Documentary About Larry Clark’s Drama “KIDS” Being Made

In the 90’s nothing shook up the indie scene and got people talking about children more than the relentlessly honest film ‘KIDS.’ A drama about an amoral, HIV-positive skateboarder whom sets out to deflower as many virgins as possible while a local girl who contracted his disease tries to save his next target from her...
Au Courant PARIS | S/S 15

Au Courant PARIS | S/S 15

Au Courant PARIS shakes things up with their new Spring/Summer 2015 for their androgynous look book. The model Gwenola Guichard gracefully wears the well cut and tailored leather jacket, jeans, shorts, tops, and shot in Paris, France, check out the brand’s website to pick some of these garments.