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FS Chats With Au Courant PARIS ' Chaz Jordan

FS Chats With Au Courant PARIS ‘ Chaz Jordan

I recently chatted with Chaz Jordan founder and creative director of Paris headquartered brand Au Courant Paris, the brain child of Chaz’s, he was an open book of knowledge regarding his design process. Au Courant Paris is an aesthetically sound brand that has grown exponentially since it’s 2011 inception. The quality is what’s so striking about each piece...
Broke Bitch - F/W 2014 "Puffy Ambitions" (COLLECTION.)

Broke Bitch – F/W 2014 “Puffy Ambitions” (COLLECTION.)

Broke Bitch unveiled their Fall/Winter 2014-15 lookbook, initially inspired by Unisex looks from brands Ytinifninfinity, This Is A Love Song, Monki, and more. The San Diego based boutique carries pieces as a fashionable wardrobe staple complemented with a range of stylish outerwear looks in matt PVC, mesh, and screen printed tees. The setting of the shoot took place at SD bars...
Jabari Hits Trillectro Music Festival (PODCAST.)

Jabari Hits Trillectro Music Festival (PODCAST.)

The always traveling Jabari Johnson put in serious work this weekend consulting for Trillectro Music Festival, the reason everyone had their eyes on the D.C. area this past weekend. He recorded a podcast with founders Modi Oyewole, Quinn Coleman, and Marcel Marshall of the growing festival which just wrapped up their 3rd year as headliner Big...
Audio Push Ft. Mike L - Mary Jane

Audio Push Ft. Mike L – Mary Jane

Audio Push debut some new sounds since their still in rotation ‘Come As You Are’ LP, this track ‘Mary Jane’ is just what you might think it is. A overtly romantic track dedicated to that leafy herb, known to heal some, and hypnotize others, hit the play button and vibe.
Childish Gambino - Candler Road

Childish Gambino – Candler Road

That NEW old Childish Gambino is back, and it’s sounding like that throwback Cul-De-Sac flow on track ‘Candler Road.’ Is this the start of more material being released, I guess we’ll know in the coming days. Until then hit the play button and chill.
Sin City: A Dame To Kill For...Worth The Money!

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For…Worth The Money!

One of my fondest high school memories is being in the tenth grade and skipping school to catch the first showing of Sin City in theaters. I remember walking out the theater with the elated feeling of having seen a true cinematic masterpiece that had pushed the boundaries of CGI, adaptations, and comic movies as...
Norman Reedus In THE New Silent Hill?!!

Norman Reedus In THE New Silent Hill?!!

America’s favorite supporting male zombie killer, Norman Reedus has come a long way from his supporting male vampire killer role in Blade 2. Reedus is now set to star in the latest installment of the Silent Hill series, with Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid) & Guillermo del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth) attaching their names to the project,...
AllSaints F/W 2014 (CAMPAIGN.)

AllSaints F/W 2014 (CAMPAIGN.)

Model Cole Mohr dons each look in the Fall/Winter 2014 campaign of AllSaints, photographer Nick Dorey, refinely highlights each black and white piece with elegance, scroll below to see the full campaign. Source Fucking Young.  
Childish Gambino Debuts A Racial Poem On Twitter And It's AWESOME!

Childish Gambino Debuts A Racial Poem On Twitter And It’s AWESOME!

Writer Donald Glover debuted an eye opening poem on Twitter last night casting a spotlight on the racial struggles of the black man’s ‘perception’ in America. It talked about him being labeled as a “White Rapper” and the benefits of it all. Donald Glover is a constant and continuous voice in regards to race in America...
Shawn Chrystopher Impresses With New LP "Summerlove"

Shawn Chrystopher Impresses With New LP “Summerlove”

Shawn Chrystopher releases his latest LP “Summerlove” the followup to last summers super fire project, The Lovestory LP. This ten track effort only contains two features from artist Levi Watson. As of late a lot of noise has been brewing from the likes of Shawn, who’s done nothing but make power moves in the indie music scene as of late....
Matt McGhee - rap city (bonus)

Matt McGhee – rap city (bonus)

I swear even on his one offs, Matt McGhee he drops better tracks than some of these rappers albums. “Rap City” produced by Matt himself,  is another entry in his “SHOW” summer series of tracks, that has fans salivating at the mouth to hear what’s been brewing up for Matt’s second LP “1920.” Listen to...
Mick Jenkins - The Water[s]

Mick Jenkins – The Water[s]

Mick Jenkins who’s been promising us purified H2O finally releases the highly anticipated The Water[s.] Mr. Jenkins collaborates with producers DJ Dahi, OnGuad, Kirk Knight, many more and features from Joey Bada$$, The Mind, Jean Deaux! Mick has been brewing this LP for a hot minute, and it’s finally here, enjoy the stream below with such...