Month: June 2014


Y-3 styled by END. (EDITORIAL.)

Clothing boutique END. hailing across the pond in London release their latest editorial. A collaboration between Japanese master designer Yohji Yamamoto and Germany’s sportswear legends Adidas, Y-3 combines a innovative approach to materials with a reinvention of athletic staples in order to create a progressive, elevated template for design. A challenging […]


Chapter S/S -2015 – Labyrinth (LOOKBOOK.)

High fashion label Chapter preview their latest collection ‘Labyrinth’ for the Spring/Summer 2015. The latest release finds inspiration in its pieces that incorporates architectural design inspired by a feeling of constriction that evolves into functionality. Accessories attached to the pieces include straps, rope suspenders, zippers and adjustable inseams. To bring the interpretation […]


CGI in Jurassic Park Changed EVERYTHING!

A movie that had a profound effect on my childhood, Jurassic Park literally changed the film industry. Watch the insightful mini-documentary about how the CGI in Jurassic Park was so revolutionary, it’s founding at Industrial Lights & Magic how they stumbled upon the groundbreaking decision to create digital dinosaurs, and the impact […]