The Spring/Summer 2014 lookbook from Copenhagen-based brand WOOD WOOD entitled “Utopia” has triumphantly arrived. The collection pulls inspiration from the French revolution, with conflicting elements of style and functionality together with novelty and classicism. Made up of mostly navy and white pieces, with specks of […]

Believe It or Not, There’s Beer for Dogs

Oregon-based brewery company Dawg Grog, has a product that gives man’s best friend some suds to guzzle down as well. Don’t worry because It’s a nutritious drink for your dog, made from brewers wort and malted barley water from Bend, Oregon-based Boneyard Brewery. Other ingredients include […]

Spike Jonze Introduces HER [MOVIE REVIEW.]

Do you believe that you could ever become so jaded with the opposite sex, that you would choose a computer operating systems over the warm inviting touch of another human being? Well, Spike Jonze explores this very quandary with the  release of “Her”, a quasi-sci-fi […]

Norse Projects x James Jarvis T-Shirts and Prints

Danish brand Norse Projects are known for designs that maintain highest criterion of quality, all while aiming for the finer details. Check out their limited edition collection with the help of prolific graphic artist James Jarvis, whose creations explicitly exhibits philosophy, alternate realities and minimalism. Over all, […]

The House of Simpsons’ LEGO-fied!

The Simpsons has been one of the most beloved cartoon series of all time have been given the official LEGOS treatment debuting this coming February the official Simpsons House LEGO. Yes, the house of Simpsons turned into LEGO bricks and is it not fascinating? It […]

Sundance Shorts Get Ready To Tour!

Sundance Film Festival Short Films would probably be a roller coaster mix of drama and comedy, the renowned festival is now bringing up 8 short films from the 2013 festival to audiences around the U.S. with their 93 minute program. Expect vibrant storytelling that highlights […]