A Must Have Backpack from UNION x KILLSPENCER

The world’s international brewer Heineken has collaborated with KILLSPENCER accessories brand for the “Man of the World”. It is an exclusive seeding program developed by the two brands and manned by Chris Gibbs who is a second time creative director for 2013 #Heineken100 program. The […]

Mercedes Benz A 45 AMG x Silver Slipstream

Mercedes Benz knows how to market their products properly, incorporating the help of South Africa Film with Silver Slipstream. Not only does the video showcase the phenomenal Mercedes-Benz A 45 AMG and it’s great handling, control and speed. The exhibit which was  shot at Franscchoek Pass […]

CJ Fly – Q&A

You must hear standout track ‘Q&A’ from CJ Fly’s debut mixtape ‘Thee Way Eye See It.’ Producer ESTA who’s slowly but surely coming out of the underground for some air, with his production becoming better with each track. CJ Fly fits right in doing his […]

Tyler The Creator – Tamale (MUSIC VIDEO.)

Tyler The Creator is doing some of the most ambitious visuals in the music industry, and with the emo, somber and at the same time hilarious video for ‘Tamale.’ The video ends with a cameo of Pharrell Williams, and a break down of ‘Answer’ Odd […]

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (TRAILER #2.)

Ben Stiller stars as day dreamer Walter Mitty in ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’, this trailer gives more insight into what the film’s actually about. Walter has a crush on a female co-worker played by a cutely coy (Kirsten Wiig.) Walter must follow his call […]

Kanye West BBC Zane Lowe Interview (REMIX.)

Duke Westlake takes what is definitely a contender for interview of the year, in which Kanye West listed him limitations in the fashion industry, then went on to rant & spaz at certain moments has been flipped it on its head. The BBC interview conducted […]