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Connor Evans Ft. Vic Mensa – Ridin’ On A Storm

As soon as you press the play button on this one, expect to get lost in the waves Connor Evans x Vic Mensa have been pushing. Grab a board and surf on this one as Connor gears towards the release The Road to Coachella (dropping July 22nd), he offers up more heat of the project.

Mick Jenkins – Lack [MUSIC VIDEO.]

5 Pound Media provides the phenomenal visuals for Chicago’s Mick Jenkins conceptual single ‘Lack’ from his stellar Trees and Truths mixtape, more music is coming up the pipeline from Mr. Jenkins don’t fret.    

Jon Connor Ft. Chris Webby & Smoke DZA – When I Was Young

Detroit’s Jon Connor leaves it all in the booth, as he vividly paints the nostalgic picture of when hip-hop wasn’t so materialistic. This is the fourth leak from Connor’s debut album Unconscious State which drops July 2nd. It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t mention how hard Smoke DZA came on this track.

Online Entrepreneurs Talk Growing Into Physical Locations!

For anyone who currently has a developing Etsy store, an eBay account that’s killing it, or getting into the online retail space interests you. Below is interview with tons of successful entrepreneurs who’ve made the leap into physical brick & motar stores from the online area. Scion has commissioned an exploration of why, how and if your business should...

DJ Kavinsky Has A Game And It Looks F**KING AWESOME!

French DJ Kavinsky has gone the app route of ensuring your know his legend, as he preps the July 8th release of his video game app in which you can drive, and kick ass as the famed producers. The game is titled ‘Kavinsky’ and if his sound in the promo below sounds familiar its because his...

The Gay Rights Movement Gets BIG Win As DOMA Catches Headshot!

On early Wednesday morning, the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act, simply put, this landmark ruling demands same-sex marriages in certain states SHALL be recognized, and federal benefits will be provided to the 1,000 plus denied, mainly tax-free health benefits for employees’ domestic partners. According to the Human Rights Coalition, a group...

So Will.i.Am Is Suing Pharrell For The Usage Of The Term ‘I Am’

According to FACT magazine details  have emerged over legal action taken by rapper/producer against Pharrell Williams for his use of the phrase “I am”. Williams’ usage was as part of his new creative brand “i am OTHER”, and claims that this is “confusingly similar” and that he has ownership over the two-word phrase. I’m personally kind of scratching my...

James Franco Directed A New Short Film ‘LA PASSIONE’ (CLICK HERE) To Watch It.

As previously announced by VICE Magazine they’re premiering James Franco’s new short film, La Passione. It’s a decadent and beautifully shot trip that riffs on Theodor Dreyer’s The Passion of Joan of Arc, if it were shot on acid and starred the ATL Twins as demons. So without further ado… present La Passione.

Shaq Done Made A DAMN Soda Y’ALL (REVIEW.)

SIDE NOTE: Before you begin reading this article, we commissioned our very own BRANDON BAYLOR to review Arizona’s new beverage line of Shaq ‘cream soda’…Here’s the unedited results. Aye Yo, I have to start this by saying Shaquille O’Neal is quite possibly the most uniquely marketed athlete of all time blah, blah, blah. Forget this, lets get to point! Shaq done...

Casey Veggies Goes The Nautical Route With ‘Everything Wavy’ [Music Video.]

Those Peas & Carrots boys have done it again dropping the aquatic themed video helmed by Mike Carson & Mike Waxx, off Casey’s slept on but often played Life Changes available now.

The Weeknd – Kiss Land [MUSIC VIDEO.]

The Weeknd drop scandalous visuals to their addictive new single & title track of sophomore album ‘Kiss Land’, fair warning this is NSFW. (Lots of nudity!) Can you say Tuesday win!

Faux Pod EP. – 9 (LeBron’s Nikes KILL. Jay-Z TRUE BOSS. Vine Dead?)

This week we talk reigning champ Lebron James & the social status of haters, also people getting killed over his Nike shoe design. Jay-Z’s monstrous Samsung deal, the potential death of Vine as a social network and will Leonardo DiCaprio ever get that oscar? Music pulled from the Vonny Del Fresco x Storm Watkins mixtape...