Month: June 2013


So Will.i.Am Is Suing Pharrell For The Usage Of The Term ‘I Am’

According to FACT magazine details  have emerged over legal action taken by rapper/producer against Pharrell Williams for his use of the phrase “I am”. Williams’ usage was as part of his new creative brand “i am OTHER”, and claims that this is “confusingly similar” and that he has ownership over the two-word phrase. I’m […]


Shaq Done Made A DAMN Soda Y’ALL (REVIEW.)

SIDE NOTE: Before you begin reading this article, we commissioned our very own BRANDON BAYLOR to review Arizona’s new beverage line of Shaq ‘cream soda’…Here’s the unedited results. Aye Yo, I have to start this by saying Shaquille O’Neal is quite possibly the most uniquely marketed athlete of all time blah, blah, blah. Forget this, lets […]