Rob Dyrdek’s The Motivation [TRIBECA REVIEW.]

Founder Rob Dyrdek’s birth child ‘Street League‘, allows a birds-eye view into the premiere skateboarding competition showcasing the greatest skaters on the planet, as they scratch and fight for the coveted first place in ‘The Motivation.‘ This feature length documentary covers the creation of the league […]


Thomas Haden Church shines bright in the snow filled murder drama Whitewash. The film, tells the tale of a snowplow driver who seemingly hits a man in the streets by accident,  and his poor attempts to hide the body and his plow truck as well. The drama […]


The Rocket is a soaring drama set in the distant mountains of Loas, and the film focuses on a ten year-old Ahlo (Sitthiphon Disamoe) who has everything familiar torn away from him and must regather his resources to create something worthwhile. Director Kim Mordaunt, debut is […]


In ten minutes and fifty-three seconds, a stoic yet whimsical tale is spun in this dark and fairytale-esque tome. Jason Mann writes and directs along with Freida Luk, this fabulous tale of unbridled ‘WANT’. Mann describes this narrative short as being: A culinary connoisseur and a chef, […]

Brands Killing It: Peas & Carrots International

Los Angeles based lifestyle/clothing/management brand Peas & Carrots International (PNCINTL) have gone through a recent period of serious expansion, these power moves have sent shockwaves through the street wear culture. Founders Anwar Washington Carrots & Josh ‘Aint Shit Funny’ Peas, the duo have are known for being […]

What Richard Did [TRIBECA REVIEW.]

Neophyte Jack Reynor portrays Richard Karlsen, a Dublin high school senior heading into his freshman year of college, is a natural born athlete and leader amongst his teammates and their friends. Charismatic and with money having never been a concern, his future is bright and […]


Teenage is a documentary that explicitly lays out the formation of the teenager in society, and explains how the ‘teenager’ came to be. Before the word ‘teenager’, in society’s eyes you were either a child or an adult. The film is told through archival footage, […]