Yahoo acquired a Multi-million Dollar Apps from a Teenager

Company giant Yahoo just made a multi-million dollar deal with a genius teenager who invented technology to enhance mobile application advancement. Nick D’Aloisio, 17-year old boy London based genius, created automated screen shots of news scoops directly to its mobile users and automatically reformats articles and […]

KYLE – Fruit Snacks

KYLE changes up his flow and actually sings towards the end of his extra crispy single “Fruit Snacks.” Sccop up your copy of the single now on iTunes, and get covered in silver & gold because Kyle’s debut LP “The Beautiful Loser” is dropping soon.

The Wolverine [US & WORLD TRAILERS.]

Hugh Jackman looks absolutely amazing in both the domestic & international trailers in his latest reprisal of X-Man “The Wolverine.” This time around director James Mangold set the film in Japan where Wolverine meets a mystery man who wants to help The Wolverine become human and relinquish his powers. 

Celebrating 30 years of Michael’s Moonwalk

If in case you were not yet born during the reign of Michael Jackson in the late 80’s and 90’s, moonwalk is a craze dance step that depicts an illusion of the dancer that seems like being pulled backward while attempting to move forward.  The […]

Pain & Gain [RED BAND.]

Michael Bay has done it again with the newest red band trailer release of “Pain & Gain” we really get a feel for the tempo, pacing and tone of this muscle filled dramedy. The film which stars Mark Wahlberg, The Rock, & Anthony Mackie as three steroid abusing […]