Paypals And Discover Join Forces.

Paypal has announced its new partnership with Discover to begin processing Paypal transactions in 2013. Paypal began testing its new payment method in Home Depot in January of this year. The platforms allow customers to enter their mobile phone number and PIN to pay for […]

Black CNN Camerawoman Not Welcome @ RNC

A Black camerawoman for CNN was attacked at the Republic National Convention in Tampa on Tuesday night, when an attendee , allegedly, began throwing nuts at her and shouting “this is how we feed animals.” The attendee was taken away by security from the convention, […]

100 Years Old… Why Are You Still Driving?

Yesterday afternoon, a 100-year-old man identified as Preston Carter, backed his car into a crowd outside of a Los Angeles elementary school just as school had ended, injuring nine children and adults, police said. Six suffered serious injuries outside Main Street Elementary School, says the […]

iTypewriter [TECH GEAR.]

Part typewriter, part iPad, the iTypewriter uses capacitive bumpers to type on the tablet’s virtual keyboard. The prototype video (below) doesn’t really help demonstrate why someone might need it, other than the ability to feel a typewriter underneath your hands. Though designer Austin Yang’s invention seems intriguing in […]

Urbanears [Fall/Winter 2012.]

 Originators in the colorful headphones markers Urbanears release their fall winter collection of colors. In each line they produce a bounty of new colors, that may not return. This go around we’re treated to three new colors: Forest, Pumpkin and Rust.   These, and the rest of […]