Northbound and Down 2012 [SKATE PROMO.]

So while on a promo tour these kids put together a skate video where they thrashed cities like San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, and Petaluma. They recorded their travels and thus Northbound and Down aka #NBAD was born. Watch the promo below. Props to filmmakers Stone Hendrikx, Conner Norris, Eric […]

NYPD is a Mess! Kidnappers For Hire!

The latest saga of the NYPD reports that a man was discovered kidnapped and tied up INSIDE an NYPD detectives garage yesterday. The detective is reportedly a 17 year veteran of the Brooklyn gang unit, and the name of alleged victim nor detective has been released. According […]

OriginalFake F/W 2012 [T-Shirt LINE.]

So world renowned artist KAWS, and his ORIGINALFAKE brand release the t-shirt portion of their 2012 fall winter line. Most notable graphics in the line has to be the  return of the CIRCLE TEETH design. As usual, the collection will be released in installments and can be purchased through […]

Synthetic Drugs War Put on Blast!

The DEA made 90 arrests, after President Obama last month banned the sale, production, and possession of synthetic drugs known as bath salts, in a nationwide “synthetic drug takedown”. The Feds seized $36 million in cash and 19 million packets of synthetic drugs, including bath […]

Phelps Last Performance is a Bust!!!

At the final 400-meter individual medley Saturday night, Michael Phelps, the most celebrated swimmer in the world, stepped out of the pool, but did not advance to the podium. This was almost surreal for fans, after watching the 2008 games, and seeing Phelps win every […]

Black Scale x Fools Gold Capsule

Black Scale x Fools Gold team together to bring the public a Capsule. It will release next month at Black Scale San Francisco and Fools Gold in Brooklyn. More info on the release within the next couple weeks. The capsule collection will be celebrated on August […]