Crysis 3 – FIRST LOOK.

“The greatest city on Earth, now a spawn of ruins.” is the setting for the Crysis 3 the sequel to the 2011 hit first person shooter. Electronic Arts has unveiled a sneak preview of the highly anticipated video game. In the third chapter of the “Crysis” […]

DVD Pick Of The Week: “Contraband.”

Mark Wahlberg is back with Contraband,  an action heist thriller that delves into the underworld of customs smuggling. This is a solid movie, starring a really strong supporting cast (Giovanni Ribisi, Ben Foster) that push helps drive the movie forward in really unfamiliar territory. It’s […]

G.I.:Retaliation [Trailer.]

G.I. Joe is back in full effect with the jaw-dropping trailer. This movie is the definition of Summer Movie, it has The Rock, blowing stuff up!  Channing Tatum…Blowing Stuff UP! and Bruce “Mr. Blows S**T UP” Willis! I personally want to see this, it looks […]