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The Hunger Games Assault

The Hunger Games Assault

This past weekend, the film “The Hunger Games”, based on the best selling novel by Suzzane Collins, debuted with $155 million dollars for the opening three day weekend. That is a huge haul for the first installment in a long-awaited trilogy. With the translation of any book to the big screen, it’s pretty much a...
Spike Jonze - Mourir Auprès de Toi (To Die By Your Side)

Spike Jonze – Mourir Auprès de Toi (To Die By Your Side)

I came across this short film from Spike Jonze (Where the Wild Things Are) and thought it was an absolutely tender, and beautiful short film I’d share with my fellow socialites.  It uses stop motion animation, to convey a beautiful love story of what book covers do when the lights go off. Just watch “Mourir...
MIXTAPE: Lochnes "Cookies & Raw Papers EP"

MIXTAPE: Lochnes “Cookies & Raw Papers EP”

Ten days ago Faux Society featured Lochnes in out “NEXT to BLOW.” series link below: Next to BLOW. – Lochnes Today Loch drops his EP “Cookies & Raw Papers” to get your beaks wet for his upcoming project  “L’amour/L’argent” which will be available on 4/20 tracklist below. Click the tracklist picture below to download the free tape....
New York Jets Welcome Tim Tebow.

New York Jets Welcome Tim Tebow.

The New York Jets held a press conference this morning to announce that “Tebowmania” would be moving to New York. With the team stating that Tim Tebow would be back-up quarterback for last seasons’ underwhelming Mark Sanchez.  Tim wanted to let it be known that he wasn’t coming into Sanchez’ house to run things, change...
ON REPEAT. - "Best Coast - The Only Place"

ON REPEAT. – “Best Coast – The Only Place”

Best Coast released the 2012 perfect siren for a “Come to California” theme. According to Best Coast “Pretty Women+ Scenery + Beach Waves = Why Aren’t You Living With Us In Cali?” [soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]  
ON REPEAT. - Azealia Banks - "F**K UP THE FUN"

ON REPEAT. – Azealia Banks – “F**K UP THE FUN”

Azealia Banks decided to debut this new snare heavy track on twitter Her debut album, allegedly titled Broke With Expensive Taste, is expected to drop in September. Let Azealia’s wordplay hypnotize you for a moment, which is sure to make you hit your replay button. [soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /] Sources: Pitchfork


When I heard that there would be a live action reboot of the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, I have to admit I was in a state of complete and utter ecstasy.  I’m not ashamed to say that I almost dropped tears of joy. “Finally I exclaimed! Finally!” I couldn’t believe that somewhere in...
"Next to Blow." - Jordan Grizzle

“Next to Blow.” – Jordan Grizzle

Faux Society caught up with the Up and Coming R&B icon Jordan Grizzle. He’s a very honest and open artist, and you hear it in his voice, and within the lyrics of his original (links below) songs. I caught wind of  “Mr. Grizzy” when one of his Grizzettes’ (his fans) retweeted a link to one...
"Apple vs. Windows" An Insiders Guide To Choosing.

“Apple vs. Windows” An Insiders Guide To Choosing.

There has always been an unsaid rivalry. Windows? or Apple? A rivalry if not necessarily between the companies, but most definitely between their consumers. What most people don’t realize is that Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have worked together to greatly influence our technology whether through rivalry or partnership according to CNET’s article Steve Jobs...
Nardwuar vs. Kendrick Lamar

Nardwuar vs. Kendrick Lamar

While at SXSW, Nardwuar caught up with Kendrick Lamar for his signature-brand of interviews in which he quizzes the artists with personal information, and gets them to talk about themselves. Topics include the story behind Lamar meeting up with Dr. Dre, growing up in Compton and the infamous LA Hood Tours that somehow shockingly exist....
"Jose' gets no play!" - The Jose' Aldo Matchmaking Conundrum.

“Jose’ gets no play!” – The Jose’ Aldo Matchmaking Conundrum.

If you were one of the fans who witnessed UFC greatness at Rio de Janeiro Brazil Aldo (21-1-0) vs Mendes (11-1-0) you got to witness one of the most electrifying victories in MMA, let alone UFC history. After landing a perfectly placed knee to Chad Mendes’ jaw solidifying another title defense, Aldo ran into the...
ON Repeat. "D-WHY - OWN EYES"

ON Repeat. “D-WHY – OWN EYES”

D-Why blesses us with one more leak off of his highly anticipated album “Don’t Flatter Yourself”. If he keeps it up, he’s sure to have a project full of tracks that factor high in the replay value. [soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]