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Faux Society Presents...Jorge Peniche (Part II)

Faux Society Presents…Jorge Peniche (Part II)

The reason I broke the interview into two parts was because Jorge was such a forthcoming subject to interview.He had a lot to share both verbally and intellectually. Jorge understands his craft and is continually growing as an artist. Also, in this interview, Jorge explains the role of a brand consultant and what the “Peniche”...
The Draft: An Impending Change for MMA

The Draft: An Impending Change for MMA

America has made the art of finding the athlete a science, and that science, in my prediction, will manifest itself in the MMA through the form of a draft. What am I talking about? Remember now, this is only my gut feeling, but do understand how the draft of a college athlete works, and understand...
Danny Brown X Noisey Interview.

Danny Brown X Noisey Interview.

One of Faux Society favorites Danny Brown links up with Noisey to gives a small anecdote about how he lost his teeth, and the pros of cons of having it, then drops a BOMB ass freestyle. Watch the video, and laugh. Like this article? Follow us on @fauxsociety for the best news and updates
ON REPEAT. Wes Period - "Show Ya Something"

ON REPEAT. Wes Period – “Show Ya Something”

New music from California rapper Wes Period, he JUST popped up on my radar, but he is definitely up & comer. What I like about his laid back chill rhymes, they make for a sonically good time. Take a listen to his new single and check him out for yourself. [soundcloud url=”″ height=”200″ iframe=”true” /]...
Faux Society Presents....Jorge Peniche (PART I)

Faux Society Presents….Jorge Peniche (PART I)

Faux Society caught up with Renaissance Man(Brand Consultant, Writer, Journalist, Artist) and one of the most sought after photographers on the scene today,  Jorge Peniche. If you don’t know the name, I’d be willing to bet that your favorite rapper does. Jorge is the entity that they seek out when only an “iconic” self-image will...


Watch these recaps of live at The Warner Sound captured by Nikon during SXSW 2012. The Warner Sound’s SXSW performances were captured exclusively with Nikon D4 HD-SLRs camera and lenses. Curren$y takes his true fans back with “King Kong” a cut off of his album “Pilot Talk” Like this article? Follow us on @fauxsociety for the best...


Ray Lewis shows his skill in public speaking, and how he is able to rile up athletes to do something truly great — WIN! Lewis showed off his ability to on Tuesday evening when he delivered a pregame locker room speech to Stanford’s basketball team in advance of their NIT semifinal against UMass. Afterwards Lewis watched...
MIXTAPE - Bei Maejor "Upscale"

MIXTAPE – Bei Maejor “Upscale”

If you’ve listened to the radio in the past 6 months you’ve definitely heard this man’s work, whether it be his voice, or his pen working. Bei Maejor shows no signs of slowing down, working towards what his name promises. Here is his mixtape he wrote and produced by himself, listening to the mixtape myself,...
Anchorman 2 Officially Coming----YES!

Anchorman 2 Officially Coming—-YES!

While appearing on Conan last night, Will Ferrel known for doing the unexpected. Did what he does best– The unexpected, showed up as Ron Burgundy his character from his 2004 hit film “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy” Will still in character played a jazz flute solo, after wrapping the solo he advised Conan to...
Safety Not Guaranteed Trailer (Premiere)

Safety Not Guaranteed Trailer (Premiere)

Here’s the official trailer for the 2012 Sundance award winning film about three magazine employees head out on an assignment to interview a guy who placed a classified ad seeking a companion for time travel.  The classified ad reads “This is not a joke. You’ll get paid after we get back. Must bring your own...
Shelby Mustang - "See It To Believe It!"

Shelby Mustang – “See It To Believe It!”

“Shelby America” unveiled it’s long awaited update to the classic Ford Mustang Shelby line. The new Shelby 1000, boasts a powerful 950 horses, more than enough to keep any Mustang enthusiast busy rackin up speeding tickets. But for those of you not acquainted with these ever evolving beasts, Shelby Mustangs are basically a beefed up...
Miguel - Art Dealer Chic Vol. 2 [EP]

Miguel – Art Dealer Chic Vol. 2 [EP]

Miguel drops the second installment in his “Art Dealer Chic” tentative trilogy. The first volume sounds like he’s honing his lane as a singer with techno, and soul infusions. It’s a teaser for his upcoming album. Tracklist and stream below. 01. Miguel – Arch & Point 02. Miguel – …All 03. Miguel – Broads [soundcloud...