100 Years Old… Why Are You Still Driving?

Yesterday afternoon, a 100-year-old man identified as Preston Carter, backed his car into a crowd outside of a Los Angeles elementary school just as school had ended, injuring nine children and adults, police said. Six suffered serious injuries outside Main Street Elementary School, says the Associated Press. Four of the children are in critical condition. The powder blue Cadillac backed slowly into the crowd of kids and parents as they were buying snacks from a street vendor. The witnesses said they banged on the windows and screamed to let the driver know to stop, but not before some of the children were trapped under the car. Police Capt. George Rodriguez said that Carter was pulling out of the grocery store parking lot, but instead of backing into the street, he backed onto a sidewalk. Asked about hitting the children, Carter said: “You know i’m sorry about that. I wouldn’t do that for nothing on earth. My sympathies for them.”